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Making Work Life Happy

The millennial generation has increasingly turning to jobs where the work-life boundaries can be blurred: they take work home so they can leave early; they work from home via the internet if possible; and they take meetings at ungodly hours to meet their deadlines and then take all their vacation days too. The reason for this is that millennials have learned from their parents’ mistakes – they will not prioritize work over life, nor allow it to consume them.Since work is what pays for our life, it helps when the work we do is inspiring and motivational. This is not a problem in certain ‘callings’ like the teaching or medical professions. What of the corporate sector? Where do business companies get their fulfilment? Here’s a quick look into how businesses can make ‘work’ ‘fun’:

Inculcate Fun at Office

Plenty of millennials stay at low paying jobs simply because it is a fun environment to be in. In fact, the companies with the most employee retention are not the ones that pay the most but the ones who promote an employee culture survey now and then, who hold focus group discussions and otherwise gauge the temperature of a workplace and then do something to help. This way, the work place becomes a fun place and employees look forward to coming in in the mornings and going about their work.  

How to Improve

Another big complaint among the work force is that companies do not offer opportunities for growth – and they don’t mean promotions. In a skill based world, workers expect their employers to provide them with learning opportunities such as great leadership development, life skills upgrade, technical and technological skills upgrade that they will need in the future. These programmes allow employees to bond with each other and provide a fun learning environment, particularly if they are at a retreat of some sort.

Incentivize with R&R

Rewards and recognition are as old as the hills in corporate life, but new generations don’t really care as much about a fancy dinner cum awards ceremony at the end of the year when they might be forced to watch a rival triumph over them. Instead, building R&R into daily work life, such as praising the work of a team at daily huddles, or setting subtle yet arresting goals weekly (like displaying the number of conversions achieved or amount of dollars they’ve raised) will motivate your employees to work harder and still enjoy what they do. This enjoyment will translate into better work ethics, better performance and your company profits will soon be booming.