Jobs On The Road

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If you’re really into cars and love to drive, you might be thinking about getting a job that involves being on the road a lot of the time. The good news is that there are a number of jobs available that involve a lot of driving, and many of them don’t require any particular set of skills, other than being good behind the wheel. If you’re thinking of taking up a driving career but aren’t sure which path to take, here are some suggestions that you might find handy.

Driving Instructor

If you think you’re a great driver and would love to teach others how to drive safely, you might want to consider becoming a driving instructor. You’ll be working with both new and have experienced drivers, and your responsibilities could be anything from teaching somebody how to drive for the very first time, or showing an already experienced driver how to drive a different vehicle. The great thing about being a driving instructor is that you can work for yourself once, as once you’ve passed all the necessary qualifications, all you need is a suitable car and insurance to teach learners. There are also a number of companies that will employ driving instructors, as they’re always in demand.

Truck Driver

Although to become a truck driver you’ll need to pass driving lessons in Randwick and successfully pass a truck driving test, it’s usually not too hard of a feat for those who are already experienced on the road, especially if you’ve already got some experience driving a heavy goods vehicle. As a truck driver, you’ll be responsible for getting cargo from one place to another, and you may often be expected to work long shifts or through the night. The cargo you’ll be carrying will depend on the company that you work for, and you may be expected to take routine security and background checks along with health checks to make sure that you’re up to the job.

Taxi Driver

As a taxi driver you’ll normally work for a taxi company, although it is possible to run a private taxi or minibus service if you want to work for yourself, with proper insurance and clearance. Being a taxi driver will also mean that you’ll need to have great customer service skills as you’ll be dealing with many members of the public on a daily basis. For those who want to earn more money and be more professional, chauffeuring is also another job that involves driving people from one place to another.